Who We Are


We are an equipping center and community of believers who value the Presence of God and

are passionate about releasing His Kingdom here on earth through hosting God’s presence,

fueling revival, and transforming lives.


The power to access God and His kingdom is available to every believer and God is waiting for us to take hold of all He has prepared for us. Revival starts with sons & daughters who radically discover who they truly are in Christ and reclaim their identity as children of God. The kingdom of God is our inheritance and revival is the culture
of heaven invading earth



We understand that revival is for every sphere of life, leisure and business. Our goal is to awaken and release world changers, who are able to live in supernatural power and love anywhere, anytime in any environment. Where ministry is not reserved for specific times and places but happens naturally wherever we are.


New England is famous for its rich educational heritage and revival history. We believe that education is part of New England’s inheritance. Firehouse is a supernatural education community with the calling to equip world changers that will courageously step into their callings bringing revival, transformation and reformation to every sphere of society.

FIREHOUSE Ministry is an equipping center & community of believes who value the Presence of God & are passionate about releasing His Kingdom here on earth through hosting God's presence, fueling revival and transforming lives.

F I R E H O U S E  2019